Customize Your Church App

1. App Settings: General Info

Enter your Church's Ministry Name, Description, and Address. View the video below for more details.

View Tutorial Video

2. App Settings: Logo

Upload a PNG or JPG image of your church logo.

View Tutorial Video

3. App Settings: Integrations

Integrate your in-house People or Streaming account.

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Note: If you'd like more information about either of these solutions, click on the 9-dot menu at the top right of your screen.

4. Modules

Select the Modules you’d like to appear within the app for your users.

To better understand what each Module does, watch these Tutorial Videos:

Contact, Discover, Sermons, Giving, Events

5. Design - Menu Style

Choose your desired Menu Style, then Drag and Drop the menu items to re-order.

View Tutorial Video

5. Design - Colors

Choose your app's light or dark theme, color scheme, and text colors.

Next Step: Publish Your Church App ✔️

If you'd like a little extra help, our Success Team hosts a live, weekly webinar dedicated to MinistryOne, app settings, and integrations.

Register from the Training Tab your Manager Portal!

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