Our Success and Support Teams are made up of incredibly smart and passionate individuals, most of which have personal experience in non-profit ministry, church or both! It is our desire that you not only feel confident in utilizing the platform, but also passionate about how it can impact your bigger mission.

We have two teams serving you in two different capacities. To ensure that you're reaching out to the best team for your individual needs, let's discuss which team does what.

Giving Success

The wonderful Giving Success Team offers complimentary training and coaching from the moment you join the platform. They provide a smooth Onboarding experience and then, by-appointment coaching for all the features included in your Giving Platform. If you've recently joined us, you should soon receive more information on how to connect with the Success Team if you haven't already!

Giving Support

Efficient and reliable, the Support Team is available for assistance in answering questions about reporting, invoicing, or taking a closer look if something doesn't look quite right. This team will monitor our system 24/7/365. It’s their priority to respond to inquiries quickly (less than 3 minutes during business hours!) and to go above-and-beyond to serve our clients! You'll notice the Support phone number for your account is listed at the bottom right hand corner of your Giving Platform login screen.

We're so glad you've trusted us with this very important part of your ministry organization. It's our honor to serve you!

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