MinistryOne has updated its integration with Vimeo through greater authorization and has moved away from their deprecated RSS Feed system.

RSS feed is a successful media serving method for a variety of sermon providers, but Vimeo chosen to no longer support this method.

If you connected your Vimeo account to the MinistryOne Sermons module prior to August 2020, your congregation may be missing your message content.

Good news! Updating to the current Vimeo integration is easy! Here's how:

From your MinistryOne project dashboard, select the Sermons module.

Simply disconnect and re-connect your Vimeo integration.

This will "bounce" you over to Vimeo for authentication, then bring you back to MinistryOne to choose your feed. This OAuth flow will likely be familiar to you from around the web. All Videos, specific Channels and specific Showcases are options available as a media feed. Be sure to select your content as "Public" to ensure that your users are able to watch everything as expected.

Remember to Publish your MinistryOne project, and you're all set!

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