This guide helps churches using API integrations identify and resolve church management software (ChMS) sync errors.

API integrations allow your giving platform to automatically import data into your ChMS. When errors occur, you'll find them in your ChMS Sync Errors report.

Access ChMS Sync Errors 

Step 1. Navigate to your manager dashboard. Open your ChMS Integration, located in the main Settings ⚙️ Menu.

Step 2. Click on the Sync Errors tab.

Filter ChMS sync errors by selecting from the Error Type or Submission Type dropdown menus. 

Interpret ChMS Sync Errors 

The Error Message explains why the data didn't sync correctly.

Ambiguous Person Search
Error Message: Donor

  • Error: This is generally the most common error. This means that when our system searched your ChMS we found more than one person that met the search criteria. 

  • Fix: Manually match donor with the correct record in your ChMS.

No Default Fund Specified
Error Message: Fund

  • Error: This means that the fund the giver typed in is not mapped to a fund in your ChMS. 

  • Fix: You will need to update your fund mappings for future gifts to flow through.

How to Clear your Report

If a giver's information does not quite match in your giving platform to his or her profile in your ChMS, the name will appear on your ChMS Sync Errors report.  To clear your report, click the Action dropdown button to decide how to take action on each giver.

Try Again - Attempt to match the donor again.
View Donor - Displays the giver's profile including contact information, payment methods, and past giving history
Mark as Good - Removes the giver from the error report without taking further action
Match Donor - Attempt to link to a donor profile in your ChMS.  When selected, your giving platform will provide a suggested match from records found in your ChMS.  If you locate the correct donor, select the proposed donor and choose match.

Recommended Best Practice:  Attempt to Match Donor first.  This will sync the donor record in your giving platform to the donor record in your ChMS.   After successfully matching, the donor will not automatically be removed from the list.  Next, click Try Again.  Because the donor was matched, their gift will now sync to ChMS.  

Note:  Selecting Mark As Good does not push the donor's profile or gift to ChMS.  It simply removes the donor from the ChMS Sync Error Report.

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