This guide walks you through the Manual Export integration process for the following ChMS:

  • ACS
  • PowerChurch
  • Servant Keeper
  • Shelby

New Dashboard Differences

Admins that are used to the previous dashboard will notice some changes with the new updates. As a team, we recommend that you use the data export for a date range instead of a specific deposit. With the new updates, matching day based data exports to the deposits will not work effectively. 

We also recommend one data export a week that includes all the completed gifts. It's best to wait at least 5 business days before pulling the custom export report, allowing time for the bank to settle. Keep in mind it won't match your deposits. 

Manual Export Integration Process

  1. Navigate to your manager dashboard. Click on Organization (top banner) and click Data Export
  2. Click on Select Profile and choose your ChMS from the dropdown menu. After choosing your ChMS, you’ll see the data formula to be used for that specific export. 
  3. Choose the Transaction Type, Start Date, and End Date.
  4. Click Export Data

🎉 Your data will be downloaded as an Excel or .CSV file that’s customized for your database.

NOTE: Shelby V5 Users click here for specific instructions about the import process.

Don't see your ChMS or database? 

  • If your organization uses another ChMS, it may be in our API Integration Guide
  • If you don’t see your ChMS/database listed, check out our Custom Data Export Guide for instructions on downloading comprehensive, customized giving reports
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