From your Transactions Report, you can:

  • Search, filter, and sort all transactions
  • Print and resend receipts
  • Issue refunds
  • Edit payment profiles

Access Transactions Report

Navigate to your manager dashboard. Hover your cursor over Reports and select Transactions.

Filter and Sort Transactions

From your Transactions report, search for a specific gift using the search bar. Filter your view by clicking on the column headers for Date, Transaction #, Payer, and Amount.

For more robust search and filter functionality, use Advanced Search.

  1. Click Advanced Search to access search and filtering functions.
  2. To search for a specific gift, complete the Search field with giver name or gift amount.
  3. Select a Date Range.
  4. Choose your preferred sorting order from the Sort By dropdown menu.
  5. Under Payment Type, select which types to include in your query.
  6. Determine which gift frequencies to include under Occurrence
  7. Click Search to run your query.

Within a transaction’s row, click Action, then select Print Receipt or Resend Receipt.

*Selecting Resend Receipt will send the giver another email copy of their original receipt. The Send field will be pre-populated with the giver’s email address, but you have the option to enter a different email address if needed.


Within a transaction’s row, click Action, then select Full Refund. The full transaction amount will be credited back to the giver’s payment source. Read more: Managing Refunds

Edit Payment Profile

Within a transaction’s row, click Action, then select Payment Profiles. You can view a giver’s stored payment methods and even create a new payment profile. Read more: Manage Giver Payment Profiles

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