This guide will teach you how to use enhanced customization options:

  • Add images, colors, and fonts
  • Select which fund designations to display
  • Activate multi-fund giving 
  • Manage giver covers fees option
  • Control contact information requirements
  • Regulate which payment methods to accept (ex. Limit to ACH)
  • Customize confirmation emails
  • Set up new submission notifications for admins 
  • Add a link for givers to access their accounts

How to Customize an Online Giving Form

Locate the online giving page to customize: 

  • Navigate to your manager dashboard. Click on the Forms tab in the menu on the left. 
  • Select the form you’d like to customize. *If you’re brand-new to Forms, you’ll only see one form in your Form Manager.

Customize Form Fields 

Read more: Managing Form Fields

On the right side of your screen, you’ll see fields that you’ll drag and drop directly onto the form. Some commonly used fields are:

  • Contact Info Fields (Person’s name, email, phone, etc.)
  • Selection Options (Drop-down menus, checkboxes, etc.),
  • Memo Lines (Short- and long-text answers)
  • Static Content (Section headers, dividers, etc.)
  • Payment Fields (Funds, calculated amounts, etc)

NOTE: If you’re using a Fund Dropdown field (required for giving and payment forms), click the gear icon to open the Field Properties. From there, you can rename the field title, manage the funds and sub-funds visible on the form, and control whether someone can contribute to more than one fund. *If you add another fund after creating the form, you’ll need to edit the form and make the new fund visible.

Next, click on Form Properties for more aesthetic, communication, and payment option  customization tools. (Read more: Form Properties)

  • Add images, colors, and fonts
  • Customize email messaging 
  • Manage giving options like recurring giving, Giver Covers Fees, discount code entry, acceptable payment methods, member login, etc.

IMPORTANT: It’s crucial to link each form to a specific fund. Click Form Properties > Payment > and select a fund under Total Amount Fund

Focus on Payments:

Where you enabled recurring payments, set a maximum number of payments, enable option for givers to cover the cost of the processing fee (either set amount % or flat dollar), enable discount code if applicable and pre-set accepted payment types. Select the correct Fund for payments. Click preview form to preview it. Make sure to Save. 

Note: If using a Fund drop down option (usually for giving pages) before publishing your page, click the Gear to open the "Field Properties". You can rename the field title. Then click on Fund Items. There is where you can choose the option to allow multiple Funds or not. 

In Fund Items, you can:

  • Enable multiple funds
  • select which funds and sub funds to display
  • Select tax deductibility or not
  • Reorder Funds

If you've added a Fund after you've created a Form, you'll need to hop into the Form and click the gear and head to Fund Items. The new fund will appear but the display box will be unchecked. Check that box for the Fund to be available in your form. You can also make Funds Tax Deductible or not. 

For additional help, schedule a time with our Success Team to learn more about Forms!

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