You can add as many managers to your account as you’d like! 

How to Add a New Manager

  1. Navigate to your manager dashboard, click on Gear ⚙️ Icon and choose the Managers card.

  2. Click + Add Manager to create a new manager. This will pull up the Add Manager form.

  3. Input the new manager’s name, email, contact info, and a temporary password. This temporary password should be unique, secure, and memorable. The new manager can quickly change or reset their password.

4. ☑️ Select the new manager’s Permissions. Read more about Permissions.

5. Click Save!

6. Notify the new manager and provide login instructions. 


  • It’s important to set Permissions for your managers so they can only access the appropriate information for their position.

  • You can always delete managers.

📚 Read more about Managers 📚 

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