Your ministry or organization might have multiple locations or campuses, special events, virtual meetings, schools or daycare centers, or other reasons to utilize Location management tools. Locations are not one-size-fits-all, so choose what works best for you!

A few things to know:

Unique FUNDS and FORMS for Unique Locations:
If each Location operates differently or perhaps different operating budgets, consider creating unique Funds for each Location.  You can create an unlimited number of Forms, so it might be helpful to create a form for each campus. From there, each Location's form can display only the Funds that are appropriate to that Location.

Let's look at a simple example below:

Your Church has three Locations - Central, South, and East. A giver will see this Location selection page when accessing the primary giving link. (Remember, you may choose to bypass this page by publicizing a Form's direct link.).

If a giver selects the "Central Campus," the location-specific Funds will appear in the Fund dropdown box:

Similarly, if a giver selects the South Campus, unique Funds will appear because different Funds have been created.

Although the Forms look quite similar, the two examples above are different Forms, uniquely created to meet the needs of each Location.

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