Navigate to your manager portal, click the ⚙️ symbol in the top right corner to access your primary account Settings, and select the Text Giving card.

For a 10 digit text giving number, click + Register Number in the Text Giving Numbers section.

Confirm your area code then click Search to see all available text giving numbers in your area.

When you find a number you like, simply click to Register and you're done!

If you have multiple Locations, choose which Location will be associated with each text giving number.

And create your customized confirmation message. This is the SMS message text givers will receive in response to a success text gift.

That's it! You’ve activated your text giving number! 🎉
Givers can text gifts to your organization immediately. Now, all you need to do is spread the word!   

For a Short Code, please contact our Support Team.  

 Not sure if which is right for you?  Here's a helpful article explaining the differences :) 


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