What’s going to change?

Here’s a comparison between your giving platform now and what you'll have after the update.

What else can I look forward to with this update?

  • Option to add a brand new church app, MinistryOne, to your account for just $39/mo!
  • Improvements to the look, functionality, and location of features on your dashboard
  • Improvements to the appearance of your online giving 
  • Invoicing—first of every month, rather than on your anniversary with us

What’s staying the same?

  • Pricing—you won’t be charged a penny more! That said, you’ll soon have the option of adding kiosks to your account for an additional fee. If you choose to add kiosks to your account, you’ll pay once for the hardware and an on-going, monthly maintenance fee. You'll also have the option of adding a church app called MinistryOne to your account for an additional $39/mo.
  • Your access to the support and success teams
  • The text giving experience your church knows and loves!
  • Your Giving Number (text) 

Enhanced Integrations

What's new?  Churches using Arena will now have access to an API integration! Read more here.  Churches using Servant Keeper will now have access to a custom export! Read more here. 

What's changing? The sync time between your giving platform and your ChMS will be much faster. All gift information will be pushed every 5 minutes to your ChMS, including pending ACH gifts.

Improved Giver Options

You can now choose to enable these giving options:

*Givers can choose to cover the processing fee
*Givers can give to multiple funds in one gift

Will my team be informed of these changes?

Absolutely! We emailed every administrator listed in our system about the update, and will continue to keep you in the loop. If there’s someone else who should receive this communication, please feel free to add them here.

Will we lose any features?

Don’t worry, we’re not taking away any of the features that you’ve come to love about your giving platform. We’re simply adding to them! The look and feel of your dashboard and reporting tools are getting a makeover, but we’ll make sure you know exactly where everything’s located and how to use the system. 

Here are some images of what you can expect from your new dashboard:

Dashboard overview

Transactions Page

Giver page

In addition to the cosmetic changes to your dashboard, we also made some updates to what your givers will see:

Online giving

How much more will this cost?

Not a cent! We’re giving you all* of these great new features at no additional cost. If you have any questions about your current payment structure, feel free to shoot us an email at support@givinghelpdesk.com

That said, the way you’re invoiced will change.

Starting November 1st 2018, your monthly subscription fee will be billed on the first of every month, rather than on your anniversary with us.

Are there any updates to my deposits?

Yes! We've expanded deposit types, and frequency by adding gross deposits (total amount before processing fees) as an option. That means processing fees can now be pulled once per month. 

Net deposits are still available and are the default deposit option. 

Good news!  Deposits will now be initiated within one business day, including pending ACH gifts. *Please note deposit times may vary depending on your financial institution.

If a donor chooses to cover the cost of processing fees, what will their charitable contribution total be? 

Donors receive full credit for the total of their gift amount, including the processing fees.  

Could you tell more about Forms?

We are so excited to offer customizable forms for your church. Templates are available in your dashboard for some of the most common form types, such as Event Registration, Giving Page, and Contact Us. Form responses can integrate to your ChMS through the Fund Management feature. You can choose whether the fund is tax deductible or not, and enable a variety of payment options.

Can we customize our giving portal URL?

Yes! You can edit your primary giving portal URL on your Organization tab. In fact, we recommend this in the set up process.

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