Every giving platform organization has one location by default, but if yours meets in several locations, you can use campus tracking to have more detailed reports!  Think outside the box, too. You can utilize Locations for virtual campuses, events, schools or daycare centers, and more.

Learn how to:

Access Locations

Locations will need to be added to your account by one of our Team members. Schedule a call with our Success Team to submit that request.

Once added to your account, navigate to your primary settings from the ⚙️ symbol in the top right corn of your manager portal and select the Locations card.

To add a new Location, click + Add New Location and continue with your new location name, select which Form you'd like to associate with the new Location, and upload a logo, if necessary.

Click Save and you're done!

When multiple Locations are utilized, givers will select their location from a selection page.

Remember, each Form has a direct link. If appropriate, you may choose to provide a Location's direct link rather than your primary giving portal link. In this case, a give might bypass the Location selection page and be linked directly to a specific Location's form.

Need help deciding what direction is best for your organization? Schedule a call with our Success Team! We'll help you strategize 😊

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